Transportation solutions

Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) through more sustainable land use patterns (transit-oriented development, local efficiency)

  • Support mixed-use development in neighborhood commercial centers to encourage close-to-home local shopping and employment opportunities.

Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by improving transit systems

  • Coordinate with Community Transit, Sound Transit, and WSDOT to pursue funding opportunities to increase transit service and improve convenience to encourage greater ridership.


Image from: Community Transit

Bike Path

Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by promoting active transportation

  • Increase bicycle parking and lanes/trails that connect commercial and mobility hubs in concert with the City’s transportation plan.

Promote carpool and vehicle sharing

  • Promote and facilitate, where necessary, shared vehicles used, such as school carpooling and vehicle-on-demand parking spaces.

Promote electric vehicles and other low-carbon vehicles

  • Work with local vehicle dealers to further promote hybrid/electric vehicles within the community.