Building & Energy solutions

Replace fossil fuels with renewable energy resources for energy that is supplied to the community

Increase amount of electricity generation by solar power

  • Promote the installation of renewable energy projects with the City via a) adopting appropriate zoning allowances; b) encouraging and supporting state legislators to sponsor appropriate bills; and c) creating financial assistance programs.​​

Solar Panel Installation
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Image by: Steve Hopkins

Improve efficiency of existing buildings and infrastructure

Reduce electricity consumption and energy intensity of existing buildings by sector

  • Promote a building retrofit program for improving energy efficiency to reach a long-term goal of 55% per capita reduction in energy consumption by a) creating a financial-assistance program operated by the City alone or jointly with utilities and energy companies to provide the incentive for overcoming upfront installation costs; b) developing a program for contractor certification; and c) updating the permitting procedures and methodology to streamline the process.

Improve efficiency of wastewater treatment plant

  • Improve energy efficiency of municipal operations and public infrastructure. Continue to make improvements to wastewater treatment plant.

Improve of efficiency new buildings

  • Encourage meeting at least Silver-level LEED standards or equivalent for all new residential and commercial buildings, including landscaping, as well as any major commercial remodeling projects. Increase the LEED-level requirement as technology and economy dictates.


Image from: Seattle and Sound