Engagement process

We currently do not have any upcoming engagement events scheduled. Please see our Engagement Materials page to learn more about our past engagement events.


Thank you to all who participated in the Climate Action Plan! Your feedback and input directly guided the development of the City’s CAP strategies and actions to address climate change as an Edmonds community!

Public Participation

You are an essential part of this climate action planning process. We will consider all public input along with input from City staff, City leaders, and partners throughout the planning process. 

Through the Climate Action Plan, we hope to develop a plan that is representative and reflective of Edmonds’ community values, needs and priorities. 

We hope to:

  • Educate, empower, and energize the citizens of Edmonds to cultivate a shared understanding around climate change.

  • Gather, hear, and incorporate community perspectives and feedback on the CAP strategies.

  • Foster community-wide support for CAP solutions and inspire individual actions.

  • Increase transparency of the overall public engagement process by sharing results to date and context for engaging later in the process.

Project Timeline

Project Timeline_v0.png

Stay Involved!

We are always open to hearing from you. Please email us at climateaction@edmondswa.gov to tell us your priorities and concerns when it comes to resilient City and community practices and policies. Your input helps us be as responsive as possible to the community’s shared priorities and needs to result in win-win strategies.

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