Climate action plan Materials


2017 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory

In 2017, the City of Edmonds conducted a community greenhouse gas inventory.

The goal of this report was to:

  1. Better understand our local sources of greenhouse gas emissions

  2. Help inform an Edmonds community Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Human activity (including the greenhouse emissions that we create) is the main cause of climate change. In the past several years, climate changes have been happening faster than ever before. Scientists tell us that in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change on human economies and societies, we need to drastically cut human-caused greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (IPCC, 2021).

Understanding the urgency of this issue, the City of Edmonds commissioned the Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory. The Inventory is a report that details the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created within the City of Edmonds’ boundaries.

View the full 2017 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory here!

Additional CAP Documents

Below are additional documents that have been prepared to help guide the development of the CAP thus far. All documents are available for download.

edmonds dt.jpg