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Welcome to the City of Edmonds' Climate Action Plan (CAP)! Here you can find project information and materials, find current and upcoming participation events, share your feedback, and additional learning resources.

This climate action plan will help to guide the City to achieve its climate goal of carbon neutrality by 2050!

The Climate Action Plan will lead directly to strategies and projects to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions generated in the City of Edmonds.


Here we will walk you through the key parts of the City of Edmonds’ Climate Action Plan. You will learn about current greenhouse gas (GHG) levels, proposed solutions, and opportunities to participate and provide feedback to help guide solutions for the whole Edmonds Community.

How to Navigate the Site

The top menu is organized by four main categories with dropdowns for additional topic areas. There are navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to direct you to the next subject area. Additionally, throughout this website, key terms are underlined and linked to a key terms and definitions pageClick here to see our project materials.

Climate Action Plan
Learn more!

Learn about the Climate Action Plan, review project materials and background resources

Read the Climate Action Plan and learn about solutions and strategies

Review key terms and definitions and additional climate change resources

in order to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, the City and citizens alike will need to take action!